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Tax Reform Clues Lie in Politics of House Health Bill

Economy / News March 22, 2017

The momentum toward a tax reform bill this summer could hinge on how successfully House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) is able to corral his caucus to support a health care bill.

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Letter to Congress in Support of Lifting Crude Oil Export Ban

Jason Grumet / Research December 7, 2015

The export ban is a form of resource nationalism that undermines our fundamental commitment to efficient markets, affecting our ability to promote free and fair trade.

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5 Ways Obama’s Successor Could Undermine His New Climate Rules

Energy / News August 3, 2015

The new regulations depend on the next president to enforce them.

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Letter to Senators McConnell and Reid on Chemical Safety Modernization

Trent Lott, Byron L. Dorgan / Research July 6, 2015

The current law is broadly considered ineffective at regulating many chemicals that have entered the marketplace in the last several decades.

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Budget brinkmanship grips DC

Economy / News July 5, 2015

Republicans and Democrats are locked in an increasingly bitter debate over government spending, with few legislative weeks remaining to avoid another shutdown.

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It’s Not Your Imagination: Congress Really Is Working More

Governance / News April 21, 2015

Lawmakers are showing up to work more and doing more while they’re there, according to a new analysis from the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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Congress may be getting ‘healthier,’ new study finds

Governance / News April 20, 2015

Congress is creaking its way toward greater workability, with lawmakers putting in more days in Washington and the Senate allowing more debate.

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New study suggests a ‘healthier’ Congress

Governance / News April 19, 2015

The new Congress is showing early signs that lawmakers are working more and allowing more input from both parties in the Senate, a new report finds.

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No virtue in reaching the debt ceiling: Holtz-Eakin

Economy / News March 20, 2015

Another estimate from the Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that the government won’t run out of borrowing ability until December 31.

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The 2016 field and the debt ceiling

Economy / News March 16, 2015

CBS News took a look at some of the potential candidates and what they might do if faced with a decision on the debt ceiling.

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