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Millennials in Retirement: How Does Social Security Redistribute Earnings?

Ben Ritz / Blog March 29, 2016

The system’s redistribution of income from higher earners to lower earners in retirement is responsible for the significant poverty reduction among older Americans.

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Housing is a Growing Source of Instability

Housing / Blog September 21, 2015

The deplorable conditions in housing today should concern all of us, regardless of whether we are satisfied with our own personal housing situations.

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The $1.2 Trillion Problem Hurting Americans’ Savings

Kelly Isom, Kenneth Megan, Mark White / Blog June 10, 2015

One-third of those with federal student loans in repayment are more than 90 days delinquent, and trends point to delayed homeownership and retirement savings.

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Safeguarding Social Security and Other Retirement Policy Fixes

Economy / News February 11, 2015

Relatively modest changes could help many more Americans achieve a comfortable retirement. And that should be enough reason for policymakers to act.

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Perspectives on the Future of Multifamily Housing

Housing / Blog November 24, 2014

Although the single-family housing recovery has been slow, the multifamily sector continues to be red hot.

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Younger Generation Faces a Savings Deficit

Economy / News November 9, 2014

After a flirtation with thrift after the recession, young Americans have stopped saving. Adults under age 35—the so-called millennial generation—currently have a savings rate of negative 2%, meaning they are burning through their assets or going into debt, according to…

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Demographic Realignments: Can Millennials Save the Housing Market?

Housing / Blog September 16, 2014

It is considered by experts to be one of the biggest challenges facing the housing market today. The so-called “Millennials” – the generation following the once-considered-rudderless Generation X – has yet to move into the housing market en masse.

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Who Will Drive the Future Housing Market?

Housing / Blog September 16, 2014

Dowell Myers, demographer with the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, joined BPC’s 2014 Housing Summit to discuss how demographic trends will shape the US housing market and whether federal policy will anticipate the significant shifts taking place.

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Senators Rubio and Warner Introduce Smart and Sensible Bipartisan Student Loans Bill

Michele Nellenbach / Blog August 19, 2014

The program, previously in existence but drastically underutilized, directly transfers 10 percent of the borrowers’ annual incomes from their monthly paychecks towards repayment of their debt, with an annual $10,000 income exemption clause.

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Housing Summit Series: Dowell Myers

Housing / Blog June 26, 2014

Dowell MyersWe are pleased to introduce our first Summit speaker, Professor Dowell Myers, Ph.D. a demographer and urban planner from the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy. Don’t miss his luncheon keynote presentation on Monday, September 15.

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