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Ric Edelman and Jason Grumet: Note to Millennials — What I Wish I Had Known Then About Saving for the Future

Archived / News July 23, 2018

A retirement crisis is on the way, and the generation most likely to be affected by it is the group that’s paying the least attention.

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Millennials in Retirement: A Demographic Shift

Kenneth Megan / Blog May 20, 2016

Over the next 50 years, the population of Americans aged 62 and older is projected to nearly double, increasing from 58 million to over 112 million.

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Millennials in Retirement: What Will Happen to Social Security?

Ben Ritz / Blog April 19, 2016

Failure to secure the finances of Social Security would place the greatest burden on individuals who can least afford it.

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Millennials in Retirement: How Does Social Security Redistribute Earnings?

Ben Ritz / Blog March 29, 2016

The system’s redistribution of income from higher earners to lower earners in retirement is responsible for the significant poverty reduction among older Americans.

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Millennials in Retirement: Rising Home Equity But Declining Homeownership

Kenneth Megan / Blog February 17, 2016

Homeownership is projected to decline by six percentage points among older Americans over the next 50 years—from 80 percent to 74 percent.

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Millennials in Retirement: Declining Poverty, but Persistent Disparities

Kenneth Megan / Blog February 9, 2016

The projected declines in poverty are promising, but African Americans and Hispanics will continue to struggle to a greater extent than whites.

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Millennials in Retirement: Will They Save More Than Their Parents?

Kenneth Megan / Blog January 14, 2016

Although many Americans are understandably worried about their retirement prospects, new projections indicate that the outlook may be more hopeful than expected.

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