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Sony Attack Underscores Evolving Nature of Cyber Threats

Jessica Michek / Blog January 23, 2015

The Sony hack illustrates a new reality for corporations: economic security is intertwined with cybersecurity.

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Ex-government leaders: ISIS could make ‘leap’ into cyberattacks

National Security / News January 15, 2015

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) could make the leap to serious cyberattacks in the coming months, said a retired top lawmaker and former high-ranking intelligence official.

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Tomorrow: Former Chairman Mike Rogers and Gen. Michael Hayden to Headline Discussion on Recent Sony Cyber Attack

National Security / Press Release January 13, 2015

BPC will host a timely event to analyze last month’s cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment – widely attributed to North Korea over the film, The Interview.

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Lights, Camera… Hack! Strategic Implications of the Sony Cyber Attack

National Security / January 15, 2015 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET

The cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment—widely attributed to North Korea over the film, The Interview — resulted in a national discussion on cybersecurity and the appropriate response to cyber attacks.

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Risky business: Protecting US energy supplies

National Security / News March 31, 2014

The energy industry’s search for new sources of power will come to nothing if its delivery systems are vulnerable to attack and disruption. Cyberattacks are eclipsing terrorism as the primary threat facing the United States. In fact, penetrations of North…

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Hackers Could Turn Out Your Lights

National Security / News March 10, 2014

Attacks on computer networks increased to a record high in 2013, so officials in government and the private sector are calling for increased cybersecurity for the U.S. electrical grid to prevent a hacker – albeit an extremely gifted one –…

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BPC taskforce report calls for grid cybersecurity institute

National Security / News March 3, 2014

The utility industry needs a body modeled on the Institute of Nuclear Power Operation (INPO) to coordinate cybersecurity best practices, said a report the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) released Friday. “Based on experience with INPO, we believe such an organization…

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Report calls for cyber protection

National Security / News March 3, 2014

A new think tank report claims that the American electric grid needs to be better protected from the threat of cyber attacks.

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Report Calls for Better Backstops to Protect Power Grid From Cyberattacks

Energy / News March 2, 2014

Despite rising anxiety over the possibility of a cyberattack on the power grid, the industry and government are not set up well to counter the threat, according to a report produced by leading energy security experts. Companies are reluctant to…

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Chinese Army in Your Toaster Signals Rising Grid Attacks

National Security / News February 28, 2014

New technology promising to weave the Internet into North America’s power grid could bring cyber-attacks all the way into your home kitchen, according to a new study. Opportunities for computer-driven sabotage will rise with the number of web-connected devices deployed…

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