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Innovation Can Address Medicaid Spending While Preserving Access, Care

Health / Press Release May 23, 2017

BPC believes changes to the federal-state run Medicaid program are needed to control budget costs, but we also believe expenditures should be targeted to those with the highest need.

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Hoagland: President’s Proposed Budget a Question of Fairness

Economy / Press Release May 23, 2017

These proposals are expected to face strong resistance, especially among Democrats and even many Republicans who support many of the programs facing reductions.

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Has Defense Spending Turned the Corner?

Steve Bell, Timothy Shaw, Jack Rametta / Blog May 5, 2017

The final version of the FY2017 Omnibus Appropriations bill could be a sign that defense spending may have turned a corner after almost a decade of stagnant appropriations.

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Improving Care for High-Need, High-Cost Medicare Patients

Health / Research April 25, 2017

BPC outlines the barriers to the integration of clinical health and social services, and issues recommendations to eliminate those barriers for the Medicare-only population.

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First CBO Report of FY 2017 Highlights Worrisome Fiscal Trends

Economy / Press Release November 7, 2016

With the economy showing positive signs on employment, now is the right time to phase in commonsense deficit reduction policies.

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Senate Draft Proposal Offers Promise for America’s Chronically Ill

Health / Press Release October 28, 2016

The proposal recognizes the complex needs of those with multiple chronic conditions and has the potential to improve health care quality and reduce costs.

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OMB, CBO Show Annual Budget Deficit Up First Time Since 2011

Economy / Press Release October 17, 2016

The federal budget deficit for FY 2016 rose over the previous year, showing that the recent trend of annual declines in deficits has ended.

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What Opportunities Will Congress And President Have To Improve Health Policy?

Health / News October 11, 2016

While ideological divides on health care policy remain wide, the next Congress and administration will face several key issues that will require bipartisan collaboration to address.

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BPC Calls for Aligning Medicare-Medicaid Services

Health / Press Release September 20, 2016

An estimated 10.3 million low-income, elderly patients and individuals with disabilities qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid.

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Improving Care for Individuals Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid

Health / Research September 20, 2016

Public health researchers have joined with health plans and provider organizations to better understand and document treatment of patients with complex needs.

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