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Healthy Aging Begins at Home

Health / Research May 22, 2016

For too long America has recognized its shifting demographics but failed to make investments that preserve dignity and independence in old age.

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Connecting Health and Housing: Lessons from Philadelphia

Andy Winkler / Blog March 30, 2016

BPC hosted a forum to explore policy opportunities that would better position communities to support the increasing health and housing needs of older adults.

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Perspectives on LIHTC: Ali Solis

Housing / Blog November 10, 2014

Cuts to the federal, state and local funds that help fill gaps in affordable housing financing are making more affordable housing deals difficult or even impossible to complete.

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Perspectives on RAD: Sharon Wilson Géno

Housing / Blog November 5, 2014

RAD provides a tool to protect and preserve the homes of the nearly 3 million people who call public housing home.

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Housing Summit Series: Ali Solis

Housing / Blog July 15, 2014

Ali Solis Next up is Ali Solis, the senior vice president of public policy and external affairs for Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. Ali will team up with an impressive set of speakers to discuss the Low Income Housing Tax Credit on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 16. Check out her thoughts on the BPC recommendation to increase the LIHTC by 50 percent and how she is inspired to work to improve the odds for the 19 million families facing housing insecurity in our country. 

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How to Address the Growing Lack of Affordable Rental Housing

Housing / Blog April 30, 2014

As Congress continues to consider an overhaul of the federal tax code, a key priority must be to protect and expand federal support for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. The Housing Credit has been our nation’s most successful affordable rental…

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Squeezing the Housing Credit at Both Ends

Housing / Blog March 11, 2014

Developers of affordable housing properties rely on the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) to provide the equity needed to build quality housing that would otherwise be unaffordable to low-income households. High-capacity nonprofit owners have used the LIHTC to build…

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Rental Assistance is an Essential Investment in America’s Future

George Mitchell / Blog February 3, 2014

Our country is in the midst of a rental affordability crisis that is having a devastating impact on our nation’s most vulnerable families. Many of these families are forced to make the difficult choice of spending less on health care, food,…

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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Housing

Henry Cisneros / Blog January 10, 2014

It may be hard to believe, but the greenhouse gas emissions of a typical home are double that of the average vehicle. In fact, the energy use associated with our homes accounts for some 21 percent of our nation’s overall…

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Housing America’s Future: New Directions for National Policy

Housing / Research February 25, 2013

Our housing system is outdated and not equipped to keep pace with today’s demands and the challenges of the imminent future.

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