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BPC’s Nick Danforth: Are Kurds more like Jews or Palestinians? It depends on whom you ask.

National Security / News September 25, 2017

Today, Iraqi Kurds are going to the polls to decide whether to seek independence from Iraq.

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What’s Next for Turkey: Authoritarian Stability or Chaos?

National Security / Research May 15, 2017

Amid mounting instability and economic uncertainty, Erdoğan has preserved the support of his base and even secured a slight increase in support from both Kurds and Turkish nationalists.

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Beyond the Myth of Partnership: Rethinking U.S. Policy Toward Turkey

National Security / Research December 5, 2016

Erdogan’s need to consolidate power means that American attempts to mollify his concerns will not create a foundation for a workable relationship.

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Trump in the Middle East: A New Strategy or More of the Same?

Blaise Misztal / Blog November 9, 2016

When it comes to the Middle East, the transition from President Obama to President-elect Donald Trump may well exhibit just as much continuity as divergence.

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Mosul: What Are We Fighting For?

Blaise Misztal / Blog October 27, 2016

The forces involved in the operation have agendas that only begin once the campaign for Mosul is completed.

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What About Syria?

Blaise Misztal / Blog September 28, 2016

Clinton and Trump should use the remaining debates to rectify a big oversight of their first encounter — the lack of any discussion of the Syrian conflict.

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The Tale of Two Bidens

Nicholas Danforth / Blog August 26, 2016

While focused on the fight against ISIS, the White House has likely concluded that democracy in Turkey, at least in the near future, is probably a lost cause.

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Do the U.S. and Turkey Now Agree on the Top Threat in Syria?

Blaise Misztal, Nicholas Danforth / Blog August 25, 2016

While Operation Euphrates Shield is a welcome action, the United States should remain skeptical that Turkey’s strategic objectives align with its own.

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The U.S-Turkish Alliance Is Fraying at the Edges

Blaise Misztal / Blog August 23, 2016

U.S. policymakers will have to quickly decide just how much political capital they are willing to spend to keep Turkey from joining the Russia-Iran axis.

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U.S. Warily Watching Russia-Turkey Talks On Syria

Nicholas Danforth / Blog August 11, 2016

Will the current rapprochement lead to a new Russian-Turkish consensus on Syria that would facilitate a more lasting improvement in relations?

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