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Terror Attacks in Turkey Mark Regional and Internal Conflicts

Jessica Michek / Blog December 21, 2016

This has been a year of escalating violence in Turkey, both due to worsening domestic dynamics and increased spillover from regional conflicts

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Do the U.S. and Turkey Now Agree on the Top Threat in Syria?

Blaise Misztal, Nicholas Danforth / Blog August 25, 2016

While Operation Euphrates Shield is a welcome action, the United States should remain skeptical that Turkey’s strategic objectives align with its own.

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Terror Attacks in Turkey: What You Need to Know

Jessica Michek / Blog March 23, 2016

The March 19 suicide bombing in Istanbul occurred only six days after another attack in Ankara—each perpetrated by a different group with a different motive.

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The Kurdish Connection

National Security / Blog August 20, 2015

The delicate balance between Turkey and the United States over the Kurdish issue has limited the scope of the anti-ISIS coalition.

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Bombing Forces Turkey to Choose Between ISIS and the Kurds

Blaise Misztal / Blog July 23, 2015

Turkey’s Syria policy has focused on issues other than the ISIS threat, in the misguided belief that if Turkey left ISIS alone, ISIS would leave Turkey alone.

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Turkish Posturing on Syrian Border Raises Questions About Intervention

Blaise Misztal / Blog July 7, 2015

There is reason to believe that Turkey is interested in reversing recent tactical gains made by the Syrian Kurdish forces.

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Panel Explores Turkey’s Political Landscape, Role in the Middle East

National Security / Blog July 2, 2015

The discussion examined the implications of Turkey’s general election on the ongoing peace process with the PKK, and its policies on Syria and Iraq.

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Kurdish Advance in Syria Reveals U.S.-Turkey Divide

Jessica Michek / Blog June 29, 2015

The United States and Turkey, sworn allies in public, reveal undercurrents of friction when it comes to the Kurds in Syria.

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In the Wake of Turkey’s Election, BPC Forum to Examine the Future of the Kurds

National Security / Press Release June 19, 2015

In Turkey’s June 7 parliamentary election, the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party is considered the big winner, gaining almost 13 percent of the vote.

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Turkey: An Increasingly Undependable Ally

National Security / Research April 23, 2015

As the United States deals with an unraveling Middle East, Turkey is largely absent, at best, or directly undermining U.S. interests, at worst.

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