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Next American Congressional Exchange Visit in Honor of McCain

Governance / Press Release August 28, 2018

BPC’s new initiative to build better relationships and bipartisanship in Congress will honor Sen. John McCain’s leadership in reaching across the aisle.

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Grumet: McCain Right to Call for Regular Order

Governance / Press Release September 1, 2017

In today’s Washington Post, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) called upon his colleagues to embrace their shared values and engage in the hard work of American Democracy.

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Defense Bill on Collision Course with Reality

Steve Bell, Jack Rametta / Blog August 10, 2017

Defense spending will soon return to the legislative forefront as the Senate readies for debate on the Fiscal Year 2018.

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Senator McCain Urges Bipartisanship on Senate Floor

Governance / News July 25, 2017

Senator McCain urges fellow members of Congress to promote bipartisanship on Senate floor.

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Trump’s Defense Budget Plan in Perspective

Sean O’Keefe / Blog February 28, 2017

President Donald Trump’s announced $603 billion FY2018 defense budget could actually represent a slight cut from anticipated FY2017 total national defense spending levels.

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Force of the Future Survives in Defense Bill

Sean O’Keefe / Blog August 26, 2016

Some of the most innovative ideas proposed in Force of the Future are addressed in the Senate-passed NDAA and are being negotiated for inclusion in the final bill.

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Campaign Insiders: The Time to Consider VPs Is Now

Governance / Press Release April 22, 2016

Due to early national conventions and undecided primary races, time is short, and every active campaign should be starting to vet potential running mates now.

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A Vice Presidential Free-for-All?

Governance / News April 20, 2016

Although most of the delegates will be bound by their states to vote for a certain presidential candidate on the first ballot, none of them are required to vote for any candidate for vice president.

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BPC Honors Reps. Johnson, Lewis with Congressional Patriot Award

Press Release / Press Release March 15, 2016

Sam Johnson and John Lewis have demonstrated unrivaled courage in the face of injustice.

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Border Metrics Bill Can Ground Immigration Debate in Facts

Immigration / Press Release July 29, 2015

A new bill calls on DHS to develop and publicly report on a wide-ranging slate of metrics related to immigration and drug enforcement efforts.

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