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One Year After Turkey’s Coup Attempt

Nicholas Danforth / Blog July 10, 2017

July 15 and its aftermath put an already tense relationship between Turkey and the U.S.under even greater strain

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Washington’s Inconsistent Rhetoric on Turkish Democracy

Nicholas Danforth / Blog September 8, 2016

Turkey has purged as many as 100,000 people from government positions and arrested over 100 journalists since the July 15 coup attempt.

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Conspiracy Theories Risk Credibility of Turkey Coup Investigation

Nicholas Danforth / Blog July 28, 2016

Turkey is alienating America and undercutting any evidence it provides by launching a series of absurd accusations of U.S. involvement in the coup plot.

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Turkey Coup Attempt Leaves America With Stark Choice

Blaise Misztal / Blog July 18, 2016

The United States did little as Erdoğan consolidated power, but it should now have plenty of evidence of the dangers of ignoring Turkey’s declining democracy.

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Does Iran’s Past Matter?

Blaise Misztal / Blog June 21, 2016

Supporters of the nuclear deal would claim that Iran’s attempts to gain a nuclear weapon are irrelevant now that it is constrained by an arms control agreement.

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Turkish Government Seizes Opposition Newspaper

Jessica Michek / Blog March 4, 2016

The seizure of one of Turkey’s largest newspapers is a dangerous escalation in government efforts to silence any dissent against its increasingly draconian policies.

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Syria Dispute Puts U.S. and Turkish Credibility at Risk

Nicholas Danforth / Blog February 29, 2016

Turkey and the U.S. have both turned to their own preferred fictions because they have not found a more effective means to reconcile their conflicting interests in Syria.

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The Role of Innovation in Climate Finance

Brad Townsend / Blog December 2, 2015

The ability of investments in innovation to drive economic development at home makes innovation a rare opportunity for bipartisanship.

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Comparing Humanitarian Admissions in the U.S. and EU

Lazaro Zamora / Blog October 1, 2015

Can existing legal frameworks handle the refugee crisis?

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Iran Deal and Possible Military Dimensions

Jessica Michek / Blog August 25, 2015

The IAEA’s attempts to gain a full understanding of the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program have been stonewalled by Tehran for a decade.

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