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Does Iran’s Past Matter?

Blaise Misztal / Blog June 21, 2016

Supporters of the nuclear deal would claim that Iran’s attempts to gain a nuclear weapon are irrelevant now that it is constrained by an arms control agreement.

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Implementation Day Does Not Keep Polarization at Bay

Blaise Misztal / Blog January 20, 2016

There is plenty of evidence for both sides to point to in claiming that the Iran deal represents either a diplomatic breakthrough or a terrible miscalculation.

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IAEA Report Reveals Iran Obeys Letter of Deal, Not Spirit

Blaise Misztal / Blog December 4, 2015

Leaders in Tehran seem to believe that the appearance of compliance with the nuclear deal is much more important than actually complying.

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After Iran Vote, Time For Action

National Security / Press Release September 15, 2015

BPC estimates that after 15 years, Iran will be able to sprint to a nuclear weapon in as little as three weeks. But it does buy time.

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Iran Deal and Possible Military Dimensions

Jessica Michek / Blog August 25, 2015

The IAEA’s attempts to gain a full understanding of the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program have been stonewalled by Tehran for a decade.

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Funding Inspections Under the Iran Deal

Jessica Michek / Blog August 17, 2015

The IAEA will likely require a significant increase in funding if it is to carry out the enhanced monitoring regime called for in the Iran deal.

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BPC's Misztal: Details Still Elusive on Iran Deal

National Security / Press Release July 23, 2015

Questions remain unanswered, and heated debate between Capitol Hill and the White House is likely to continue as Congress conducts its review.

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How Does the Iran Deal Measure Up? Final Text Versus Framework‎ Agreement

Blaise Misztal, Jessica Michek / Research July 17, 2015

BPC analysis comparing the April framework agreement between Iran and the P5+1 to the text of the final deal reveals several worrying discrepancies.

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Iran Deal Limits Inspectors’ Access to Suspicious Sites

Blaise Misztal / Blog July 17, 2015

One critical provision of the final deal puts unexpected limitations on inspectors’ access to certain facilities.

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Iran Deal: Section-by-Section Analysis

Blaise Misztal / Blog July 14, 2015

Following the announcement of the final deal, BPC’s Blaise Misztal reviews the details you need to know.

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