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Building Better Health

Health / Research September 16, 2014

Some experts estimate that an unhealthy workforce costs U.S. employers $576 billion annually due to lost productivity, health care costs, and wage replacement.

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What Would an Acceptable Nuclear Deal with Iran Look Like?

National Security / Research July 17, 2014

Coming up with a nuclear deal with Iran is an immense diplomatic undertaking.

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Governing in a Polarized America

Governance / Research June 24, 2014

A bipartisan commission of former members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, governors, local leaders, and advocates unveiled a new blueprint to strengthen American democracy.

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Are America’s Physicians Prepared to Combat the Obesity Epidemic?

Health / Research June 23, 2014

Visualizing the troublesome state of nutrition and physical activity training in medical school.

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America’s Demographic Edge

Immigration / Research May 28, 2014

Immigrants make the U.S. population younger and sustain healthy population growth, giving the United States a demographic and economic advantage.

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Overlap and Fragmentation in Financial Regulatory Oversight

Finance / Research April 10, 2014

Visualizing the regulation of financial activities in three stages: prior to Dodd-Frank ; the current, post-Dodd-Frank; and the new structure recommended by BPC.

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Streamlining the U.S. Financial Regulatory System

Finance / Research April 10, 2014

A structure where a single banking agency is responsible for regulation will be more accountable to all stakeholders, including the public, regulators, and industry.

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The Costs of Long-Term Care

Health / Research April 7, 2014

Spending on long-term services and supports will double as a share of the economy by 2050.

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Immigration Reform vs. Enforcement Alone

Immigration / Research November 21, 2013

An enforcement-only approach would harm the economy. This policy would reduce GDP by 5.7 percent over the next 20 years.

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EPA Proposes 2014 Volumes for the Renewable Fuel Standard

Scott McKee / Research November 15, 2013

BPC’s Energy Project compiled an infographic explaining some of the major components of the proposed rulemaking.

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