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Retirement Tax Preferences: Cost Estimates Are Too High

Shai Akabas, Kenneth Megan, Tim Shaw / Blog August 7, 2017

Lawmakers should beware that the sticker price for tax deferral overstates its true costs.

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$709 billion: The Estimated Cost of Ten of the Largest Tax Expenditures in FY 2014

Shai Akabas, Brian Collins / Blog July 16, 2014

We recently blogged about the various types of federal tax expenditures, which in total, will cost about $1.4 trillion in Fiscal Year 2014. In this post, we highlight ten of the largest, each of which policymakers will likely need to consider in the context of comprehensive tax reform. 

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Why is BPC Launching a Personal Savings Initiative?

Shai Akabas, Brian Collins / Blog April 22, 2014

On Wednesday morning, the Bipartisan Policy Center will launch the Personal Savings Initiative (register to join us here). The initiative will be led by former Senator Kent Conrad, who served as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and James Lockhart, who served as deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration and other key roles in the executive branch. Their effort will be supported by a bipartisan commission of nationally recognized experts who will examine legislative and regulatory avenues to improve Americans’ personal savings and retirement security.

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