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Worsening Labor Shortages Demonstrate Need for Immigration Reform

Kenneth Megan / Blog October 30, 2017

Boosting immigration could go a long way in remedying the labor shortages plaguing the construction industry.

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Merit-Based Immigration System

Lazaro Zamora / Blog April 11, 2017

Moving towards a merit-based immigration system that prioritizes skills and education would represent a dramatic shift in priorities in U.S. immigration policy.

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Don’t Neglect the Benefits of Lesser-Skilled Immigration

Kenneth Megan / Blog April 4, 2017

Policymakers would be wise not to neglect the benefits of lesser-skilled immigration—which fills a unique role in the labor market, and is a crucial driver of economic growth in America.

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Labor Shortages Make the Case for Immigration

Kenneth Megan / Blog October 23, 2015

Immigrants make up more than a quarter of the housing construction workforce, and drive more than a third of the growth in new housing demand.

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