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Deportation Without a Hearing: A Primer

Hunter Hallman / Blog July 6, 2017

There are several ways in immigration law that the government can use to deport an undocumented immigrant that do not involve the judicial process. These are known as administrative, expedited, and reinstatement of removal processes.

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Immigration in the Omnibus

Lazaro Zamora / Blog May 10, 2017

Comparison of the major immigration-related budget provisions in the President’s request for FY2017 and what Congress provided in the omnibus appropriations bill.

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How Trump can defund 'sanctuary cities'

Immigration / News January 25, 2017

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday directing the government to identify federal money it can withhold to punish “sanctuary cities.”

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Illegal immigration: Is Obama ‘deporter in chief’? A rundown of the numbers.

/ News April 5, 2014

Not one more deportation. That’s the rallying cry of pro-immigrant groups across the United States on Saturday. From Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., these groups are protesting the 2 millionth deportation under President Obama, expected to take place this month….

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A Quick Fix for the Economy and Job Creation

/ News February 26, 2014

Your neighbors have lived in their home for years. Their kids grew up with your kids, you’ve shared barbecues and block parties and you see them in church every Sunday. And now Immigration and Customs Enforcement vehicles surround the house,…

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Immigration in Trump’s Budget Blueprint

Lazaro Zamora / Blog March 23, 2017

The White House’s budget request proposes significant increases in funding for border and immigration enforcement activities at DHS and DOJ.

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States and Cities Pulled into Immigration Enforcement

Theresa Cardinal Brown / Blog February 27, 2017

The Trump orders would, by agreement or by coercion, put states and localities squarely in the middle of immigration enforcement in the United States.

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Comparing Trump and Obama’s Deportation Priorities

Lazaro Zamora / Blog February 27, 2017

Because of the large unauthorized immigrant population and finite resources, it is necessary for the executive to set priorities among those eligible for removal.

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Obama’s Immigration Executive Actions: Two Years Later

Lazaro Zamora / Blog December 9, 2016

While the controversial deferred action programs remain frozen in the courts, several other reforms have been rolled out or otherwise addressed.

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Addressing Unauthorized Immigrants in America

Lazaro Zamora / Blog November 4, 2016

Both parties will likely need to concede parts of their agenda and conceive of new ideas and proposals to break the political deadlock and build trust.

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