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Obama’s Immigration Executive Actions: Two Years Later

Lazaro Zamora / Blog December 9, 2016

While the controversial deferred action programs remain frozen in the courts, several other reforms have been rolled out or otherwise addressed.

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Immigration in Two Acts

Lazaro Zamora / Research December 10, 2015

Twenty-five years after the last major reforms, BPC provides an overview of the political context, provisions, and impacts of the immigration acts of 1965 and 1990.

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Refugees and Asylees in the U.S.

Lazaro Zamora / Blog November 19, 2015

The immigration system defines two separate pathways for humanitarian relief. Both processes grant people fleeing persecution legal status in the United States.

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Immigrant Integration in the U.S. and EU

Lazaro Zamora / Blog November 17, 2015

Some have encouraged the Europeans to look at the United States as a model for immigrant integration.

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Looking Forward: The Future of U.S. Immigration

Lazaro Zamora / Blog November 2, 2015

As native-born population growth slows, immigration will continue to be a critical source of population growth which is necessary for a healthy economy.

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Path to Citizenship

Lazaro Zamora / Research June 3, 2014

Before any person has the opportunity to become a U.S. citizen, they must first attain legal permanent resident status through one of several established immigrant categories and receive a permanent resident card.

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America’s Demographic Edge

Immigration / Research May 28, 2014

Immigrants make the U.S. population younger and sustain healthy population growth, giving the United States a demographic and economic advantage.

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Immigration 101

Becky Tallent / Research June 3, 2013

In an effort to facilitate the ongoing immigration debate, BPC compiled the following overview of phrases, terms, and information that are commonly used when discussing immigration and immigration reform.

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