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Testimony by Sandy Davis to the House Budget Committee

Sandy Davis / Research March 14, 2018

BPC Senior Advisor Sandy Davis testified before the House Committee on the Budget Oversight of the Congressional Budget Office.

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Davis Testifies: Independent CBO Vital to Congress

Economy / Press Release March 14, 2018

A vibrant, robust, and independent Congressional Budget Office is vital to Congress in the performance of its legislative duties, Bipartisan Policy Center Senior Advisor Sandy Davis said in testimony to a House Budget Committee hearing on CBO oversight today.

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Testimony by Bill Hoagland on Improving the Congressional Budget Process

G. William Hoagland / Research June 22, 2016

The current budget procedures, rules, and processes are so complex that members and their staffs find them hard to understand, let alone the American taxpayer.

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Congress Can Reach Bipartisan Agreement on Changes to ACA

Katherine Hayes / Blog October 8, 2015

While many believed bipartisan changes to the ACA were impossible before 2017, Congress took action to block a potentially disruptive provision of the law.

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Biennial Budgeting Could Help Ease Logjam

Ben Ritz / Blog August 11, 2015

When Congress fails in performing its most basic function of adopting a budget, reform is necessary.

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Proposal for Improving the Congressional Budget Process

Pete V. Domenici, Alice M. Rivlin / Research July 17, 2015

Washington has lurched from one crisis to another and kept the government running by means of continuing resolutions and massive appropriations bills.

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A Modest Proposal for Bipartisanship in Congress: Health Care Delivery System Reform

Katherine Hayes / Blog April 9, 2014

Is it possible over the next few years to both chip away at the $700 billion of estimated waste and inefficiency AND improve health care quality outcomes and provider and patient satisfaction?

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Snapshot of the House Republican Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

Brian Collins, Shai Akabas, Steve Bell / Blog April 1, 2014

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) released his Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 budget plan this morning. We will provide a summary of some of the major provisions here as we did with the president’s FY 2015 budget a few…

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Turning a Corner Toward Compromise?

Laura Hall / Blog February 6, 2014

This month, BPC highlights two bipartisan duos that have taken steps to move significant legislation through Congress, which has brought renewed optimism that the tide may be slowly turning back to cooperation in Washington. In December 2013, House Budget Committee Chairman…

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Reforming the Budget: How to Fix the Congressional Budget Process

Alice M. Rivlin / Blog February 4, 2014

This post was originally published by The Brookings Institution. There will never an easy way to decide which activities the United States government should undertake or how to pay for them. Voters and their elected representatives have extremely diverse views…

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