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Continuing Resolution Will Have Negative Impact on Government Operations

Steve Bell / Blog April 6, 2017

Failure to approve a full-year Department of Defense appropriations bill for FY2017, will allow foreign adversaries to eclipse much of America’s air, naval and ground superiority.

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Important Military Personnel Reforms on the Table in NDAA Negotiations

Laura Hall / Blog November 15, 2016

Key provisions would provide the Pentagon with the statutory relief needed to test new ideas for managing personnel while also modernizing long outdated policies.

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Defense Funding Battle Only Beginning

Steve Bell / Blog August 10, 2016

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry has said that President Obama is holding “troop funding hostage to a political agenda.”

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Why the Pentagon Doesn’t Want an Extra $18 Billion This Year

Sean O’Keefe / Blog July 19, 2016

The nature of the Oversees Contingency Operation budget means it fluctuates wildly every year, making it difficult to efficiently plan for long-term requirements.

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Obama: It’s Time to End Sequester

Economy / Blog January 30, 2015

In his budget, the president plans to call for a full repeal of the sequestration-level budget caps.

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Thanks to Chairman Thornberry for Speaking Sense about Sequester

Steve Bell / Blog January 15, 2015

Mac Thornberry (R-TX) raised some eyebrows with his recent statement that limiting defense spending to the Fiscal Year 2016 sequester caps increases national insecurity.

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The Sequester Is No Win for Budget Hawks

National Security / News October 18, 2013

As a new report from the Bipartisan Policy Center aptly highlights, sequestration exacerbates existing budgetary problems by failing to address the true driver of the national debt: entitlement spending. Automatic budget cuts under sequestration divert attention from the need for…

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Takeaways from the Senate Budget Committee’s Sequester Hearing

Steve Bell / Blog July 24, 2013

The Senate Budget Committee hearing Tuesday on the impact of the FY13 sequester on national defense was summed up by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who noted: “For those who say that Congress can’t get anything right, the sequester certainly disproves…

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