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Affordable housing, quality healthcare can let seniors age in place

Health / News November 9, 2016

One area that holds great bipartisan promise is more tightly connecting healthcare with the home to support America’s rapidly aging population.

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Linking housing, health care for aging seniors

Health / News October 5, 2016

Our rapidly aging society requires us to more effectively integrate our housing and health-care systems to enable America’s seniors to live healthy, independent lives.

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Healthy Aging Checklist

Health / Page September 22, 2016

America faces a growing mismatch between the desire of seniors to age in place and their ability to do so. Are you and your family prepared for the future?

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Put an End to Senior Homelessness

Housing / News August 4, 2016

Some chronically homeless adults are unable to break the cycle of homelessness and continue to age into their senior years without stable housing.

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Integrating Health Care And Housing To Promote Healthy Aging

Housing / News May 23, 2016

Ensuring a safe, age-friendly home and utilizing the home as a potential site of care for seniors should be seen as important policy objectives to support care management.

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America's elderly desperately need more affordable housing

Health / News May 22, 2016

Greater integration of our health care and housing systems will be essential to improve health outcomes for older adults and enable millions of Americans to age in place.

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Reauthorize the Older Americans Act

Housing / News October 28, 2015

Enhancing the ability of our nation’s seniors to “age in place” in their own homes and communities has the potential to improve health outcomes and quality of life.

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Home Can Be Where the Help Is

Housing / News June 23, 2015

More must be done to get critical services to seniors who want to stay in their homes.

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Addressing the nexus of housing and healthcare

Housing / News June 17, 2015

By 2030, America will be home to 73 million individuals age 65 or older and 9 million who are 85 and older, a doubling of both groups since 2000.

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New effort launched to help seniors with housing, healthcare

Housing / News March 30, 2015

A new bipartisan initiative launched will develop policies aimed at improving seniors’ living situations while reducing healthcare costs.

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