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Letter to Congress in Support of Lifting Crude Oil Export Ban

Jason Grumet / Research December 7, 2015

The export ban is a form of resource nationalism that undermines our fundamental commitment to efficient markets, affecting our ability to promote free and fair trade.

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Letter to Senators McConnell and Reid on Chemical Safety Modernization

Trent Lott, Byron L. Dorgan / Research July 6, 2015

The current law is broadly considered ineffective at regulating many chemicals that have entered the marketplace in the last several decades.

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A Week of Significant Nuclear Waste Developments

Energy / Blog April 1, 2015

DOE and the U.S. Senate both unveiled proposals to move forward on what BPC President Jason Grumet called the “icon of gridlock”: nuclear waste.

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Data Shows “Nuclear Option” Had an Impact on Financial Regulatory Appointments

Justin Schardin / Blog December 10, 2014

This year there will be no last-minute votes for high-level jobs at the major independent financial regulatory agencies. Why? None are pending.

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Letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Enacting Bipartisan Cybersecurity Legislation

Lee H. Hamilton, Thomas H. Kean / Research October 14, 2014

We write on behalf of all members of the 9/11 Commission to urge the Senate to enact bipartisan cybersecurity legislation before the end of the 113th Congress.

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Senate Steps Back From Another Cliff

Donald R. Wolfensberger / Blog July 30, 2013

Congress seems inclined lately to play the dangerous game of precipice politics. No sooner had it stepped back from the fiscal cliff in 2011 over the debt limit and again on New Year’s Day 2013 over huge tax rate increases…

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