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Five Reasons Energy Innovation Matters

Erin Smith / Blog May 1, 2018

To stay competitive in the billion-dollar energy technology markets of tomorrow, the U.S. must strategically increase federal energy research investments.

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Coming Soon: Another Step Toward $1 Trillion Deficits in FY2019

Steve Bell / Blog December 20, 2017

When Congress goes to pass funding for Fiscal Year 2019, lawmakers will discover that the sum of tax cuts and spending increases will virtually assure that federal deficits will reach $1 trillion in FY19. Americans can’t afford—literally and figuratively—to ignore the looming return of $1 trillion annual federal deficits and the waterfall of impacts they will create.

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When Will Federal Deficits Hit $1 Trillion Next?

Steve Bell, Tim Shaw, Jack Rametta / Blog October 26, 2017

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected in its June budget baseline that in Fiscal Year 2022 the federal deficit will once again exceed $1 trillion (4.5 percent of GDP). However, much has happened since that CBO estimate was made. Three hurricanes have battered the United States and its territories, congressional leaders on both sides have suggested increases in discretionary spending…

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Hoagland: President’s Proposed Budget a Question of Fairness

Economy / Press Release May 23, 2017

These proposals are expected to face strong resistance, especially among Democrats and even many Republicans who support many of the programs facing reductions.

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Presidential Candidates Dodge Debt Elephant in the Room—Again

Steve Bell, Ben Ritz / Blog October 20, 2016

Driven by demographics and a historically slow recovery, America finds itself reaching debt levels unparalleled in seven decades.

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CBO Outlook Update Shows Worsening Deficit

Ben Ritz / Blog August 25, 2016

The report emphasizes the seriousness of the fiscal challenges facing the next president and Congress less than three months before Americans head to the polls.

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Congress Should Find Long-term Solution, Not Tricks to Avoid Defense Caps

Shai Akabas, Ben Ritz, Mark White / Blog June 22, 2015

More and more, standard operating procedure in Congress seems to employ “creative” accounting methods to game the system and get around defense spending caps.

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BPC’s Steve Bell: Federal Debt has Fallen Off Policymaking Agenda

Economy / Press Release June 16, 2015

U.S. debt held by the public will become larger than the nation’s economy by 2040, and continue to grow thereafter, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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Balanced Step-by-Step Immigration Reform Can Increase GDP, Reduce Budget Deficit

Immigration / Press Release May 21, 2015

Step-by-step immigration reform can have a powerful positive effect on the economy if it addresses multiple aspects of the immigration system.

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Assembling the Pieces: The Economics of Step-by-Step Immigration Reform

Immigration / Research May 21, 2015

BPC’s study establishes a basis to assess the macroeconomic and fiscal implications of different approaches to immigration reform.

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