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CBO’s New Deficit Projection a Wake-Up Call

Economy / Press Release April 9, 2018

CBO projections show recent policy changes have made the situation worse. The recent budget deal and tax cuts have caused federal deficits to surge.

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BPC’s Hoagland and Hayes on Failure to Include Health Insurance Legislation in House Spending Bill for Fiscal Year 2018

Health / Press Release March 22, 2018

Statement on the failure of the House of Representatives to include funding for improving the affordability of the individual insurance market in the government’s spending bill.

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BPC’s Tracy Terry on Energy Research Funding in Omnibus

Energy / Press Release March 22, 2018

Statement from BPC Energy Director Tracy Terry on the increased federal commitment to energy research in the fiscal year (FY) 2018 omnibus spending bill.

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BPC’s Hoagland on House Passage of Omnibus Legislation

Economy / Press Release March 22, 2018

Statement from BPC Senior Vice President G. William Hoagland on today’s House action on the omnibus spending agreement for fiscal year (FY) 2018.

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Budget Agreement Significant Step Forward

Economy / Press Release February 7, 2018

The just-announced bipartisan budget agreement for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 spending levels is a significant step forward.

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Harvey Raises Stakes on Debt Limit Debate

Shai Akabas, Tim Shaw, Jack Rametta / Blog September 5, 2017

Hurricane Harvey relief spending will have minimal effect on BPC’s “X Date” range, but the urgent need for funds raises the stakes for policymakers to come to a deal to extend the debt limit.

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Six Month Review of the Legislative Process

Michael Thorning / Blog July 31, 2017

The index provides Americans with crucial metrics for evaluating Congress’s ability to effectively legislate and govern and compares the data against past congresses.

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Healthy Congress Index: Bills Get Few Amendments, Few Filibusters

Governance / Press Release July 31, 2017

Six months into the 115th Congress, both the House and Senate show few signs of a promised return to regular order.

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BPC Holds “X-Date” Forecast at October/November, But with Heightened Uncertainty

Shai Akabas, Tim Shaw / Blog June 12, 2017

BPC is maintaining its projection that the debt limit “X Date,” will fall sometime in October or November 2017.

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Immigration in Trump’s FY2018 Budget

Lazaro Zamora / Blog May 25, 2017

The FY2018 budget proposes billions in funding increases for border and immigration enforcement, including funds to construct new miles of wall.

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