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Why This Quiet Grant-Making Agency Is Key to Health Care’s Future

Anand Parekh, MD / Blog August 14, 2017

The opportunity for HRSA to play a substantially larger role in health care transformation and public health revitalization cannot be understated.

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How could “asset recycling” work in the United States?

Jake Varn, Sarah Kline / Blog June 8, 2017

Asset recycling allows existing, publicly-owned infrastructure to be leased or sold to a private partner with the revenues used to fund new projects.

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Partners in Ingenuity: Inventing the Future

Energy / June 20, 2017 3:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. ET

Join AEIC for a conversation on how federal resources can complement private sector investments in pursuit of advanced energy technologies.

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Asset Inventories: First Step to Modernizing Infrastructure

Jake Varn / Blog June 6, 2017

State and local governments should be developing life-cycle asset inventories to improve the opportunities of leveraging private resources.

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Immigration in Trump’s FY2018 Budget

Lazaro Zamora / Blog May 25, 2017

The FY2018 budget proposes billions in funding increases for border and immigration enforcement, including funds to construct new miles of wall.

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Immigration in the Omnibus

Lazaro Zamora / Blog May 10, 2017

Comparison of the major immigration-related budget provisions in the President’s request for FY2017 and what Congress provided in the omnibus appropriations bill.

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