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Don’t Let Guard Down on Deficits

Economy / Press Release January 25, 2017

The CBO outlook shows that the economy that is chugging along at a decent clip but faces an ominous fiscal outlook.

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Latest CBO Report Shows Deficits Rising

Economy / Press Release January 10, 2017

After accounting for timing shifts in payments, CBO finds that the deficit for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2017 increased by $58 billion from the same period in the prior year.

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Important Military Personnel Reforms on the Table in NDAA Negotiations

Laura Hall / Blog November 15, 2016

Key provisions would provide the Pentagon with the statutory relief needed to test new ideas for managing personnel while also modernizing long outdated policies.

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Lame Duck: What and When?

Steve Bell, Ashley Ridlon / Blog November 14, 2016

Perhaps it is time to put the vitriol of the election behind us and find a constructive path forward on critical issues with bipartisan momentum.

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Can Congress Deliver Appropriations Bills On Time?

Ben Ritz / Blog May 16, 2016

In the 2000s, lawmakers more often than not passed at least some appropriations bills on time. Yet in recent years, even that has been a tall order.

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President’s Budget Promotes Health Care Approaches that Could Reduce Deficits

Health / Blog February 16, 2016

While few expect the budget to pass in 2016, policymakers may want to carefully examine some of the budget’s proposed innovations to use in the near future.

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President’s Budget Eyes the Future, But Doesn’t Pay for It

Ben Ritz / Blog February 11, 2016

While the president’s budget is best understood as an expression of one party’s agenda, the document does include a variety of new proposals.

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