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Six Month Review of the Legislative Process

Michael Thorning / Blog July 31, 2017

The index provides Americans with crucial metrics for evaluating Congress’s ability to effectively legislate and govern and compares the data against past congresses.

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Healthy Congress Index: Bills Get Few Amendments, Few Filibusters

Governance / Press Release July 31, 2017

Six months into the 115th Congress, both the House and Senate show few signs of a promised return to regular order.

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Defense Spending Proposal Falls Short

National Security / Press Release May 23, 2017

President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 defense budget falls short of achieving the goals that senior congressional policymakers advocated earlier this year and will not meet necessary increases in readiness, weapons, and troop levels. The president’s defense request is $42 billion…

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Passage of Omnibus Budget Bill Shows Congress Did Its Job

Economy / Press Release May 4, 2017

Congress did its job in passing an omnibus spending package that funds the federal government through September 30, the end of Fiscal Year 2017.

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New Developments Bring Biometric Entry-Exit System Closer to Reality

Hunter Hallman / Blog May 3, 2017

DHS’s plan to roll out further testing of biometric exit data and commitment to better tracking of overstays are vital steps toward results desperately needed at our ports of entry.

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Congress Pushes Stronger Border Security Metrics

Lazaro Zamora / Blog April 28, 2017

The government has generally failed to publish consistent outcome metrics to better inform this discussion.

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Continuing Resolution Will Have Negative Impact on Government Operations

Steve Bell / Blog April 6, 2017

Failure to approve a full-year Department of Defense appropriations bill for FY2017, will allow foreign adversaries to eclipse much of America’s air, naval and ground superiority.

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Congress Needs to Finish the 2017 Budget

Steve Bell, Tim Shaw / Blog March 22, 2017

At this point it is unclear which, if any, of the administration’s budget proposals could actually make it through Congress.

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BPC’s 2017 Debt Limit “X Date” Projections and State of Play

Tim Shaw / Blog March 16, 2017

While extraordinary measures will provide Treasury with necessary breathing room, operating at the debt limit carries costs.

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Trump’s Defense Budget Plan in Perspective

Sean O’Keefe / Blog February 28, 2017

President Donald Trump’s announced $603 billion FY2018 defense budget could actually represent a slight cut from anticipated FY2017 total national defense spending levels.

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