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Healthy Congress Index: Congress’ Mid-Year Review

Governance / Press Release July 14, 2015

Early this year, congressional leaders promised a more open and better-functioning legislative process, but is Congress actually living up to those promises?

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Congress Making First Steps Toward Improved Effectiveness

Michael Thorning / Blog April 19, 2015

The index represents a new, long-term effort to bring accountability to Congress and answer the question: how is Congress governing?

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When Will Critical Fed Vacancies be Filled?

Justin Schardin / Blog May 13, 2014

Have last year’s changes to the U.S. Senate’s filibuster rule changed the speed at which independent financial regulators are nominated or confirmed? It is too soon to answer that question, but the unusual number of current and upcoming vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Board) will provide a notable test case in the Senate.

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Embers of Pragmatism: A Hopeful Sign for the New Year

Jason Grumet / Blog January 1, 2014

Pragmatic leadership has long been the foundation of American democracy and the source of our political stability. After a year of unseemly partisan wrangling – with the extremes of both parties holding hostage issues ranging from entitlement and tax reform to judicial…

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