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Treasury Insurance Regulation Report Includes Positive Steps, More to Do

Ashmi Sheth, Justin Schardin, John Soroushian / Blog December 7, 2017

The U.S. Treasury Department made a series of recommendations in its recent report including highlighting opportunities for insurance regulatory reform.

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A Simple Fix to Maintain FSOC’s Insurance Expertise

Justin Schardin / Blog May 16, 2017

Dodd-Frank does not include many of the details that are defined for the other voting members of FSOC, including anything on the Independent Member’s specific duties.

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Improving U.S. Insurance Regulation

Finance / Research April 19, 2017

There has been too little analysis and policy discussion of insurance regulatory reforms at the state, national, and global levels from the perspective of their impact.

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Improving U.S. Insurance Regulation

Finance / April 19, 2017 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET

The 2007-8 financial crisis brought significant changes to the regulation of insurance, with unprecedented intervention by the federal government and the emergence of global insurance standards.

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The House GOP Alternative to the Federal Insurance Office

Justin Schardin / Blog October 5, 2016

The legislation would create a new office that would be both less powerful, and in some ways more independent, than the two entities it would succeed.

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Obama Administration Takes Long-Awaited Step on Insurance Agreement with EU

Justin Schardin / Blog November 30, 2015

If an agreement is reached, it would mark the first time a federal government entity has negotiated one or more provisions that preempt state insurance measures.

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Insurance and Banking: Understanding Two Different Industries

Finance / Research September 29, 2015

Insurance is fundamentally different from banking. Each has its own specific models and practices, risk profiles, risk-management strategies, and regulatory regimes.

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How FSOC Undermined, and the Fed May Save, U.S. Case for Insurance Regulatory Equivalence

Justin Schardin / Blog July 30, 2015

EU officials will soon make several decisions whether to grant U.S. insurance regulation “equivalence” with the EU’s new insurance regulatory and capital regime.

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What to Watch for: Secretary Lew’s Testimony on FSOC’s Annual Report

Justin Schardin, Kristofer Readling / Blog June 16, 2015

The testimony may place special emphasis on emerging threats that have been in the news recently, most notably cybersecurity and international concerns.

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BPC Announces the Launch of a New Insurance Task Force

Finance / Press Release March 10, 2015

BPC announced the launch of an insurance task force to assess the impact of new rules and identify ways to improve and modernize insurance oversight.

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