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Treasury Review Should Revamp Bankruptcy Code, Not Strip Regulators of Emergency Powers

John Soroushian, Justin Schardin / Blog September 15, 2017

The ideal solution for the too-big-to-fail problem is to allow firms to fail in an orderly manner through an improved Bankruptcy Code.

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The Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act

Martin Neil Baily, Aaron Klein, Justin Schardin / Research January 11, 2017

Although Dodd-Frank has been largely successful in stabilizing the financial sector, it still needs to be fine-tuned.

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A Challenge to a Ginnie Mae-Based Approach to Housing Finance Reform

Michael A. Stegman / Blog December 20, 2016

Michael Bright and Ed DeMarco’s proposal to end the conservatorship of the GSEs would use the Ginnie Mae platform to create a new secondary mortgage market.

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Regulators, Banks Move to New Stage on Living Wills

Justin Schardin, Kristofer Readling / Blog April 15, 2016

The Fed and the FDIC gave the five banks whose plans were deemed “not credible” until October 1 to make them acceptable to those agencies.

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Banks and Regulators Converging on Living Wills

A review by BPC of “living wills” required of large financial institutions found encouraging signs that banks and regulators are getting onto the same page.

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Why President Obama Likely Will Nominate a Republican for Two Terms on the SEC and a Democrat for One

Justin Schardin / Blog October 21, 2015

Republican nominees to the SEC (and the CFTC) usually take the place of Republican commissioners, and Democrats usually replace Democrats.

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Insurance and Banking: Understanding Two Different Industries

Finance / Research September 29, 2015

Insurance is fundamentally different from banking. Each has its own specific models and practices, risk profiles, risk-management strategies, and regulatory regimes.

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Insurance vs Banking: Understand the Differences with New BPC Report

Finance / Press Release September 29, 2015

A new report offers insights about the differences between two key sectors to help guide policymakers through the changing landscape of federal regulation.

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Bank Living Wills: Five Years Later, Still in Probate

Justin Schardin, Kristofer Readling / Blog June 30, 2015

Dodd-Frank requires all banks with consolidated assets greater than $50 billion (often called “bank SIFIs”) to submit living wills.

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Time is Running Out for White House to Fill Financial Regulatory Posts

Justin Schardin / Blog June 11, 2015

Vacancies are slowly piling up and little action has been taken to fill them. There are currently five vacancies at independent financial regulatory agencies.

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