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BPC Debt Limit Projection Now Early to Mid-October

Economy / Press Release July 12, 2017

The exact date when the federal government will be unable to fully pay all of its bills remains uncertain, but it has become clearer that it will be reached sooner rather than later.

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Interactive: Recent History of the Debt Limit

Economy / Page October 9, 2015

The debt limit has been the subject of much attention over the past few years. Explore BPC’s interactive to see how it has changed since 2010.

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Treasury Could Run Out of Cash Mid- To Late-November

Economy / Press Release October 2, 2015

While Secretary Lew used November 5 as the date of exhaustion of extraordinary measures, the letter pointed out the uncertainties of the estimates.

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Debt Limit Brinkmanship Threatens Markets

Shai Akabas, Ben Ritz, Mark White / Blog July 10, 2015

Investors took the “unprecedented” step of avoiding certain Treasury securities during the standoff over the debt limit in 2013, according to a new GAO report.

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Strong Tax Season Moves Most Likely Debt Limit X-Date Window to Late 2015

Shai Akabas, Brian Collins / Blog May 18, 2015

Tax filing season has come to a close, and BPC has updated its projections of how long the Treasury could continue to pay all of the nation’s bills in full.

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No virtue in reaching the debt ceiling: Holtz-Eakin

Economy / News March 20, 2015

Another estimate from the Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that the government won’t run out of borrowing ability until December 31.

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Don’t Worry About the U.S. Hitting Its Debt Limit—At Least Not Yet

Economy / News March 16, 2015

Thanks to increases in tax revenue, a sliding deficit, and extraordinary measures by the Treasury Department, there is time before the U.S. could default.

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Debt Limit Reinstatement: Why This Time is Different

Brian Collins, Shai Akabas / Blog March 13, 2015

Barring quick action by policymakers, the 2015 period of operation at the debt limit could last longer than any of those in recent years.

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Extraordinary Measures, Simplified

Economy / Research March 13, 2015

Existing statutes allow Treasury to change the normal operations of certain government accounts when the debt limit is reached.

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Debt Limit Update: X Date Most Likely in 4Q of 2015

Brian Collins, Shai Akabas / Blog March 3, 2015

Extraordinary measures and cash-on-hand should allow the government to continue meeting its financial obligations until sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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