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Doug Peterson: We Built the Panama Canal. Surely We Can Fix Infrastructure

Infrastructure / News March 12, 2018

Now, with the Trump administration’s proposal in hand, both sides should commit to seeing a bipartisan solution become reality.

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Michele Nellenbach & Jake Varn: Infrastructure Bill Shouldn’t Ignore Our Aging Water Systems

Infrastructure / News February 26, 2018

A proper plan must invest in water and promote innovation.

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Building State and Local Capacity to Modernize Infrastructure

Sarah Kline / Blog February 20, 2018

America’s infrastructure—roads, water systems, ports, airports, broadband, and energy grids—is falling behind. We need a new approach, one that will deliver high-quality, resilient infrastructure that will last long into the future.

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What’s In the Trump Infrastructure Plan – and What’s Not

Sarah Kline / Blog February 12, 2018

At long last, the Trump administration has released its proposal for an infrastructure package.

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BPC Exec. Council: WH Infrastructure Proposal Should Spur Congressional Action

Infrastructure / Press Release February 12, 2018

BPC’s Executive Council on Infrastructure welcomes the release of President Trump’s Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America as a catalyst for bipartisan, bicameral action.

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Accelerating Federal Permitting and Environmental Review

Andy Winkler / Blog February 1, 2018

In recent years, finding ways to fast-track the process of issuing federal project approvals has been a bipartisan objective.

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Harness Private Sector Investment Potential

Sarah Kline / Blog January 30, 2018

Most infrastructure in the United States is financed by private investors. The most common financing mechanism is tax-exempt debt issued by states, cities, counties, and other public authorities. This form of private investment in infrastructure remains a vital part of solving America’s infrastructure challenge.

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Michele Nellenbach: Cutting Ribbons Won’t Do Anything for Infrastructure

Infrastructure / News January 29, 2018

What’s needed is a wholesale change.

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Knowing Long-term Costs is a Key Part of Addressing Infrastructure Needs

Michele Nellenbach / Blog January 26, 2018

While public-private partnerships (P3s) are widely used internationally, several existing barriers have limited their use in the United States.

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Federal Facilities Need Infrastructure Funding and Financing Solutions

Michele Nellenbach / Blog January 4, 2018

The Department of Transportation building in Washington, D.C. is an example of how reassesses OMB budget rules may help to address the nation’s infrastructure funding gap.

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