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New White Paper Explores Water Affordability Challenges

Infrastructure / Press Release September 7, 2017

BPC’s Water Task Force offers policy options to ensure that disadvantaged communities have equitable access to critical water services.

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Safeguarding Water Affordability

Infrastructure / Research September 7, 2017

This paper dives into one of the most vexing problems for water systems in the United States: how to price water services to fully cover costs and maintain affordability for customers who already struggle to pay their bills.

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Hurricane Harvey and the Critical Importance of Stormwater Infrastructure

Jake Varn / Blog September 5, 2017

Any city, no matter how well-prepared, would have been overwhelmed by Hurricane Harvey, but it was Houston’s old and aging infrastructure that left it uniquely exposed.

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The Great American Rebuild

Infrastructure / Blog August 31, 2017

Among the most important challenges facing our nation today is the need to invest in infrastructure. Today, we are living at risk: driving on eroding roads and bridges, questioning whether our water is safe to drink, and falling behind economically. With these problems growing worse, it’s time for the Great American Rebuild.

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Why Inland Waterways Matter for More than Just Fishing

Infrastructure / Blog August 15, 2017

To address the needs of our growing freight transportation network, Trump administration’s infrastructure plan must include our inland waterway system.

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How The FBI Could Get a New Headquarters

Infrastructure / News August 1, 2017

It is time to revisit the government’s budgetary rules for federal property.

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A Deep Dive on America’s Ports

Infrastructure / Blog July 27, 2017

As Congress and the administration work on creating a comprehensive infrastructure plan, it’s important for policymakers to consider the challenges and constraints ports face.

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Status of Airport P3s in the U.S.

Andy Winkler / Blog June 20, 2017

Members of Congress should not conflate ownership issues in ATC reform with the infrastructure priority of encouraging public-private partnerships (P3s).

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The Public-Private Partnership Challenge in the US

Sarah Kline / Blog June 16, 2017

There are several key barriers that must be addressed before public-private partnerships can be widely used to improve America’s infrastructure.

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Henry Cisneros: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Infrastructure / News June 12, 2017

BPC Board Member Henry Cisneros writes a letter to the Editor in The New York Times, explaining the importance of public-private partnerships.

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