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Senate Steps Back From Another Cliff

Donald R. Wolfensberger / Blog July 30, 2013

Congress seems inclined lately to play the dangerous game of precipice politics. No sooner had it stepped back from the fiscal cliff in 2011 over the debt limit and again on New Year’s Day 2013 over huge tax rate increases…

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Shale Gas: New Opportunities, New Challenges

Energy / Research January 19, 2012

The outlook for North America‚Äôs natural gas supply has improved dramatically in recent years as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies have made it possible to commercially develop tight and shale gas reserves. These shale gas basins are located in…

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Environmental Regulation and Electric System Reliability

The electric power sector faces significant planning challenges if the aim is to avoid reliability problems and minimize impacts on electric rates.

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An Introduction to the Environmental Regulation and Electric System Reliability Report

Energy / Research June 13, 2011

Balancing protection of public health and the environment with concerns about the economic impacts of regulations is always controversial, and the suite of recent EPA regulations has reinvigorated this familiar debate.

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