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DOE, Clean Line Partnership Represents a Win for Energy Infrastructure

Jason Grumet, Meghan McGuinness / Blog April 18, 2016

DOE announced that it would participate in the Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project, a direct current line that would deliver wind energy to the southeastern U.S.

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BPC's Grumet: Time for an Update to Energy Policy

Energy / Press Release July 30, 2015

The bipartisan energy bill passed out of the Senate Energy Committee today strengthens our economy, national security and environmental quality.

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Licensing Challenges Limit Hydropower’s Potential

Kimberly Dean / Blog July 16, 2015

A proven source of energy for more than 100 years, hydropower accounts for 52 percent of all renewable energy generation in the United States.

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Reforming DOE’s Loan Guarantee Program

Kimberly Dean / Blog July 15, 2015

No other provision of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 has come under as much criticism as the Department of Energy loan guarantee program.

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