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Episode 7: All Things Elections

Governance / Podcast November 5, 2018

Tammy Patrick and Linda Lindberg explain the vote counting process from Election Day through the certification of results, including absentee and provisional ballots.

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Signing up on National Voter Registration Day

Matthew Weil / Blog September 26, 2017

Today is the fifth annual National Voter Registration Day. Are you registered to vote?

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Making long lines at the polls a distant memory

Governance / News June 27, 2017

If people can vote later on Election Day, they’re likely to get through the polls more quickly.

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Fortier and Palmer: Who waits the longest to vote? Until now, we had no idea

Governance / News June 22, 2017

John Fortier and Don Palmer explain BPC’s efforts measure wait times at the polls in order to minimize wait times for all of Virginia’s voters.

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Are We Ready to Run Our Elections?

Governance / October 27, 2016 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET

With the 2016 presidential election just days away, more and more Americans are wondering whether the country’s election administrators are ready to run our elections.

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Officials Look to Improve Election Administration Ahead of 2016

Governance / Blog March 26, 2015

Let’s not let disagreement on some issues prevent us from making measurable, bipartisan progress toward an improved voting process.

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Testimony by BPC's John Fortier to the Senate Committiee on Rules and Administration

John C. Fortier / Research June 25, 2014

Even four decades into the convenience voting experiment, the rise of vote-by-mail and early in-person voting varies significantly among states both in the magnitude of votes cast and in the modes available to voters.

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The Sweet Spot for Election Reform

Governance / Blog October 15, 2013

Election reform is always tricky. The aim is, as with all reform, to make the system better. But because election reform is now subject to lots of ideological posturing and has always had substantial partisan effects, successful reform needs to…

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