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Improve Elections, Fully Confirm Election Assistance Commission Before 2020

Matthew Weil / Blog December 4, 2018

Voters want more secure and better functioning elections, and Congress can act right now to accomplish that.

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Why We Need the Election Assistance Commission

Matthew Weil / Blog February 9, 2017

The EAC ensures the integrity of our elections while performing bipartisan research about innovations for elections in the future.

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Donald Palmer Testifies about 2016 Election Administration

Governance / Research December 15, 2016

The country’s election administrators and policymakers must continue to focus on the security and accuracy of the nation’s voter registration infrastructure.

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Paper Trails and Audits Can Boost Confidence in Elections

Governance / Blog August 12, 2015

Some states and localities are following the Presidential Commission on Election Administration recommendations on election machine audits, and for good reason.

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Five Times Congress Took Major Action in an Election Year

Michael Stubel / Blog January 29, 2014

Five occasions in the last half-century in which both sides came together and compromised for the good of the country.

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