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Jason Grumet: Want to Fix the Debt? Bring Back Earmarks

Economy / News March 5, 2018

The give and take that is essential to overcoming differences is impossible if there is nothing to give or take.

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Testimony by Jason Grumet on Congressional Earmarks

Jason Grumet / Research January 18, 2018

BPC President Jason Grumet testified before the House Committee on Rules about the important role congressional earmarks serve in the functioning of the legislative process.

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Tom Daschle and Jason Grumet: Grease the Wheels

Governance / News January 6, 2015

“The puritanical notion that members of Congress should not seek to advance local interests is nutty,” says Jason Grumet, who runs the Bipartisan Policy Center and recently wrote “City of Rivals.”

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Modest steps can help fix Congress, says Jason Grumet

Governance / News November 4, 2014

We live in a closely divided, ideologically sorted, and politically polarized nation. Despite these deep-seated differences, there is one view shared by nearly all Americans: “Congress isn’t working.” Many believe the dysfunction is structural – even permanent – and fear…

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Return of Transportation Earmarks Wouldn’t Solve Gridlock

Emil H. Frankel / Blog October 25, 2013

Since the end of the shutdown of the federal government and the enactment of a continuing resolution that will keep the government operating for at least a few more months, there has been a good deal of discussion about why…

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