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From the Ground Up: Improving Child Care and Early Learning Facilities

Education / Research May 22, 2019

This catalog provides examples of federal-, state-, and local-level models addressing child care facility-related challenges.

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From the Ground Up: Improving Child Care and Early Learning Facilities

Education / May 22, 2019 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET

On May 22, please join BPC to explore opportunities for improving child care and early learning facilities.

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Linda Smith: Child Care Is Infrastructure. We Should Treat It That Way

Education / News March 25, 2019

Working parents, already faced with the challenges of finding and paying for high-quality child care, are frequently forced to accept a poor-quality facility because it’s the only option they have.

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The Future of Working Families: How We Care for Our Children

Education / Research March 21, 2019

Blueprint of an agenda to prioritize America’s families and support all children in reaching their full potential from BPC’s Future search Conference on Early Childhood.

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Q&As about Creating an Integrated Efficient Early Care and Education System to Support Children and Families: A State-by-State Analysis

Education / Blog March 8, 2019

This Q&A covers some of the questions we received during a webinar on a report released recently, as well as more general questions about the report.

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Home-based Child Care: How Does it Fit in the Early Childhood Ecosystem

Linda Smith / Blog February 26, 2019

Home-based child care is an important part of our nation’s economic growth, and this report should spur a more important discussion about the place of home-based care in our early childhood ecosystem.

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Early Learning Facilities Matter: Moving Beyond a Culture of Low Expectations

Linda Smith, Sarah Tracey / Blog February 14, 2019

Improving early learning facilities where children are cared for requires multisector involvement across federal, state, and local partners

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New Report Explores Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships

Education / Press Release January 16, 2019

For families everywhere, high-quality child care is challenging to find, let alone afford. The Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) program, created by Congress in 2014, is one solution to this challenge.

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Early Head Start–Child Care Partnerships: Spotlighting Early Successes Across America

Education / Research January 16, 2019

This report highlights the inner workings of 12 EHS-CCP programs, draws lessons learned, and makes recommendations for improving the program moving forward.

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Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome-Learning What We Don’t Know

Linda Smith, Sarah Tracey / Blog December 19, 2018

In 2012 alone, more than 21,000 infants were born with NAS. Further exacerbating the problem are the number of pregnant women—one in five—who are prescribed and fill a prescription for opioids.

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