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BPC Statement on Inauguration Day

Press Release / Press Release January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day is a time for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, to join together in wishing wisdom, prudence, and success for our nation’s new leaders.

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Still a Chance for Immigration Reform Under Trump

Immigration / Press Release January 18, 2017

A bipartisan group issued a series of immigration policy reform ideas that may be possible through collaboration between Congress and the incoming Trump administration.

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Invest early in America's children

Education / News January 16, 2017

Research has shown that investments in early childhood development produce a higher return on the dollar than later investments.

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4 steps Ben Carson should take as HUD secretary

Housing / News January 10, 2017

Dr. Ben Carson, President-elect Trump’s choice to serve as HUD secretary, is uniquely positioned to spearhead a national effort to better integrate health care and supportive services with housing.

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Answering the Infrastructure Finance FAQs

Sarah Kline / Blog January 6, 2017

To craft an infrastructure package that meets America’s broad needs, policymakers will have to determine the appropriate balance between funding and financing.

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BPC Announces Focus on Management Excellence in Government

Matthew Weil / Blog December 21, 2016

BPC is launching its Management Excellence Tracker in early January 2017 to follow the progress in filling key Senate-confirmable management positions.

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Could Ankara and Washington team up on Tehran?

National Security / News December 21, 2016

In the event of a U.S.-Iranian showdown, the challenge will be for Turkish President Erdogan to convince his potential partners in Washington that Ankara is really on their side.

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A Challenge to a Ginnie Mae-Based Approach to Housing Finance Reform

Michael A. Stegman / Blog December 20, 2016

Michael Bright and Ed DeMarco’s proposal to end the conservatorship of the GSEs would use the Ginnie Mae platform to create a new secondary mortgage market.

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Energy Experts Weigh in on How to Manage the Energy Transition

Erin Smith / Blog December 15, 2016

Panelists had a variety of opinions on how decarbonization efforts should continue during the administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

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Fannie-Freddie Regulator to Plan to Stay On Under Trump

Housing / News December 15, 2016

Watt has told employees and others close to him that he plans to stay at his post after Trump becomes president to serve out a term that doesn’t end until January 2019.

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