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White House Roundtable Highlights Challenges and Successes for Government Data Uses

Nick Hart / Blog May 25, 2018

BPC participated in a roundtable convened at the White House on May 23 to discuss how government can better use its data to support government operations.

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BPC Congratulates Sec. Sonny Perdue

Governance / Press Release April 25, 2017

As a member of BPC’s Governors’ Council and as co-chair of our Nuclear Waste Council, Sonny was a champion for deliberation, discussion, and collaboration.

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A Life-Cycle Approach to Infrastructure Investment

Andy Winkler / Blog April 17, 2017

If policymakers hope to attract private capital to U.S. infrastructure, adopting a life-cycle approach to infrastructure projects is essential.

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Healthy Aging Begins at Home

Health / Research May 22, 2016

For too long America has recognized its shifting demographics but failed to make investments that preserve dignity and independence in old age.

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Providing Options to Rural Older Adults

Housing / Page February 24, 2016

Aging in place is a priority for a majority of rural elderly residents as they strive to remain close to children and grandchildren, old friends, and their communities.

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Dietary Guidelines Recommend Limits on Sugar Consumption

Dan Glickman, Ann M. Veneman / Blog January 11, 2016

While not as specific in some areas as BPC would have liked, the guidelines’ clear limit on added sugar marks an important development in nutrition advice.

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Congress should get onboard with new school meals

Health / News September 17, 2015

BPC urges bipartisan progress on this important issue to ensure our nation’s children receive nutritious meals and snacks during the school day.

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Home and Community-based Services: Maximizing the Impact of Federal Spending

Henry Cisneros, Mel Martinez / Blog August 26, 2015

Currently, five federal agencies fund multiple programs that provide assistance for the aging such as in-home services, affordable housing and transportation.

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What We’re Reading in Health and Housing, July 15

Housing / Blog July 15, 2015

BPC’s Health and Housing Task Force is sharing recent publications, speeches and testimony we consider relevant to our work.

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