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Chain Migration and DACA: An Explainer

Theresa Cardinal Brown / Blog December 15, 2017

The ability of immigrants who later become green card holders and citizens to sponsor their family members is described by some as a “chain” of migration.

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Theresa Cardinal Brown: Why a DACA Fix Next Year Would Come Too Late

Immigration / News December 11, 2017

It takes months for the government to ramp up a new program.

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Tax Reform Would Hike Taxes for Temporary Visa Holders and Undocumented Immigrants

Kenneth Megan / Blog December 11, 2017

Both the House and Senate bills would likely increase the tax burden among nonresident aliens and undocumented immigrants.

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Fact Sheet: Building a Permanent DACA Program

Hunter Hallman / Blog December 7, 2017

Congress passing legislation to protect DACA recipients and DREAMers won’t automatically trigger protected status, nor is a program immediately effective.

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Episode 6: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Page November 28, 2017

This week we talk about immigration enforcement and criminal gangs, and the current status of DACA cases in court.

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Episode 5: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Page November 14, 2017

On Episode 5, we discuss TPS, the diversity visa lottery program and “chain migration.”

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Immigration Law and Criminal Gangs: Congress and the White House Weigh In

Hunter Hallman / Blog November 9, 2017

Congress and the White House have both weighed in on the role of criminal gangs in the immigration debate, a signal that the issue will not be going away anytime soon.

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Episode 4: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Page November 1, 2017

This week we discuss the legislative strategy on DACA and the new refugee rules out of the Trump administration.

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BPC Issues Road Map for Bipartisan DACA Deal

Immigration / Press Release October 12, 2017

A policy package combining permanent protections and a path to citizenship for so-called DREAMers with investments in increased border security can gain bipartisan support.

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A Roadmap for a DACA Deal

Immigration / Research October 11, 2017

The good news: there is a bipartisan deal to be had on DACA; permanent status for DREAMers in exchange for additional border security.

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