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Debt Ceiling Is Again a Battleground

Economy / News June 14, 2017

BPC’s Steve Bell discusses the debt limit.

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Lack of Debt Limit Action by August No Danger

Economy / News June 13, 2017

The Bipartisan Policy Center reiterated its projection that the “X date” would fall sometime in October or November.

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BPC Holds “X-Date” Forecast at October/November, But with Heightened Uncertainty

Shai Akabas, Timothy Shaw / Blog June 12, 2017

BPC is maintaining its projection that the debt limit “X Date,” will fall sometime in October or November 2017.

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Reconciliation for Debt Limit Double-Edged Sword for GOP

Economy / News June 7, 2017

BPC’s Steve Bell discusses reconciliation and debt limit suspension.

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The Debt Limit at 100

Economy / Research March 15, 2017

The debt limit has been around for a century, but many years have passed since a serious discussion was held over its efficacy.

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Extraordinary Measures, Simplified

Economy / Research March 15, 2017

When the debt limit is scheduled to be reinstated from its current suspension, Treasury will again begin to deploy its extraordinary measures.

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Debt Limit Analysis

Shai Akabas, Timothy Shaw / Research March 15, 2017

If policymakers do not act on the debt limit, BPC estimates that Treasury will have insufficient cash to meet all financial obligations sometime between Nov. 10-16.

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New Treasury secretary’s first job: Avert a crisis

Economy / News February 13, 2017

Now that Steven Mnuchin has been confirmed as Treasury secretary, his top priority will have nothing to do with tax reform.

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Common Cents Podcast Series

Economy / Page January 23, 2017

BPC introduces Common Cents, a podcast series that focuses on timely fiscal and economic policy issues.

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No Debt Limit Pressure Till Mid-Summer 2017

Economy / News September 14, 2016

Lawmakers won’t have to take action on the federal government’s debt limit again until at least the middle of the summer of 2017.

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