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Don’t Lose Sight of Why CFPB Was Created

Justin Schardin, John Soroushian / Blog December 12, 2017

No matter how the legal struggle over control of CFPB is decided, the next director should start with a balanced view of the agency.

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Treasury’s Call for Updating Small Business Regulation is an Opportunity for Main Street

Ashmi Sheth / Blog August 7, 2017

The Treasury Department recently made several recommendations that are intended to increase access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Three Takeaways from the Treasury Report on Regulating Banks and Credit Unions

John Soroushian, Justin Schardin / Blog June 19, 2017

The report is a positive contribution to the debate on financial regulatory reform and includes a number of recommendations that could garner bipartisan support.

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Treasury Report on FinReg Offers Constructive Post-Crisis Steps

Finance / Press Release June 13, 2017

Treasury Department’s report on banks and credit unions is a positive contribution to the debate on how to address post-crisis financial reform.

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The Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act

Martin Neil Baily, Aaron Klein, Justin Schardin / Research January 11, 2017

Although Dodd-Frank has been largely successful in stabilizing the financial sector, it still needs to be fine-tuned.

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Trump Can Remake Most Financial Regulatory Agencies

Justin Schardin / Blog December 7, 2016

Amid the uncertainty of timing, Trump’s appointments will have a major impact on the future of the post-crisis financial regulatory structure.

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What a Trump Presidency Means for Financial Regulation

Justin Schardin / Blog November 10, 2016

Major changes could be in store for the post-crisis regulatory structure that has been built over the past eight years.

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Did Policymakers Get Post-Crisis Financial Regulation Right?

Martin Neil Baily, Phillip L. Swagel, Justin Schardin / Research September 25, 2016

America has a safer financial regulatory system than before the crisis, but there are some unintended consequences of post-crisis reform that warrant attention.

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Measuring Credit Availability and Credit Risk in the Housing Finance System

Michael A. Stegman / Blog July 22, 2016

In anticipation of the next debate on housing finance reform, stakeholders must agree on ways to measure how well the existing system is making credit available.

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Financial Reform Must-Reads, February 26

Finance / Blog February 26, 2016

BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative highlights news articles, papers and other important work which illuminate current and new thinking within financial regulation.

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