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House rejects bill granting banks more time to comply with Volcker

Finance / News January 7, 2015

The so-called Volcker rule, a part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law named after former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, prevents banks from making bets with their own money and limits their affiliation with hedge funds and private-equity funds.

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Tom Daschle and Jason Grumet: Grease the Wheels

Governance / News January 6, 2015

“The puritanical notion that members of Congress should not seek to advance local interests is nutty,” says Jason Grumet, who runs the Bipartisan Policy Center and recently wrote “City of Rivals.”

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Jason Grumet: What McConnell Can Do to Improve Elections

Governance / News December 19, 2014

A confluence of decisions over the last decade have significantly weakened the role of political parties and empowered the super PACs, 501(c)(4)s and a variety of other mechanisms that pour vast sums of largely unaccountable resources into our elections.

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How the new Congress can speed U.S. energy independence

Energy / News November 14, 2014

You say you want a Congress that can talk to each other? Well, you know — the place to begin is with energy. The U.S. needs a big energy bill next year — both on the merits, and as a…

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McConnell pressed to repeal ObamaCare with budget move

Economy / News November 10, 2014

Conservatives in Washington are adamant that Senate Republicans should pass a full repeal of the healthcare law next year, even if it means a certain veto from President Obama. With Senate Democrats likely to filibuster any stand-alone repeal bill, conservatives…

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GOP triumph tempered by hard problems, now and in 2016

Governance / News November 5, 2014

Republicans are waking up Wednesday morning with victories to celebrate but sobering realities to ponder. Winning control of the Senate after eight years of trying is a big prize, made more sweet by the fact that only two years ago,…

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Modest steps can help fix Congress, says Jason Grumet

Governance / News November 4, 2014

We live in a closely divided, ideologically sorted, and politically polarized nation. Despite these deep-seated differences, there is one view shared by nearly all Americans: “Congress isn’t working.” Many believe the dysfunction is structural – even permanent – and fear…

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Democrats could face culture shock

Governance / News November 3, 2014

If the Senate goes Republican on Tuesday, a majority of Democrats will get their first taste of life in the minority. Only 17 Democrats who could serve in the next Senate were in office eight years ago, the last time…

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Tom Daschle and Trent Lott: How to fix Congress

Governance / News November 1, 2014

You can’t run the government of the most powerful nation in the world on Wednesdays alone. Yet that is what members of Congress, in effect, are trying to do. You can’t run the US government on Wednesdays alone. How to…

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2014: The Apprehension Election

Governance / News October 31, 2014

Veteran Republican pollster Whit Ayres knows what a wave election feels like, because he’s seen it before. In 1994, the midterm year in which his party gained 54 House seats and eight U.S. Senate seats, he watched one of his…

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