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The Health and Housing Nexus

Henry Cisneros / Blog December 8, 2014

Determining how best to care for an elderly loved one is a challenge facing millions of families throughout America.

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Moving the Homeownership Needle

Mel Martinez / Blog November 20, 2014

As generations of Americans can attest, homeownership, when responsibly undertaken, can be a powerful wealth-building and community-strengthening tool.

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Reform Initiatives Hold Promise for the Housing Market

Henry Cisneros / Blog October 28, 2014

Housing agencies recognize it is possible to manage risk with sound underwriting, while simultaneously expanding access to mortgage credit.

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Johnson-Crapo Proposal Keeps Hope Alive for Housing Finance Reform

Mel Martinez, George Mitchell / Blog April 23, 2014

Achieving housing finance reform received a major boost when Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson (D-SD) and ranking member Mike Crapo (R-ID) recently unveiled their long-awaited reform proposal.  

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A Victory for Small-Town America

Christopher S. “Kit” Bond / Blog February 20, 2014

Buried in the nearly 950-page Agriculture Act of 2014 – more commonly known as the farm bill – is a provision that is of great importance to the thousands of families who rely on the rural housing programs of the U.S….

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Rental Assistance is an Essential Investment in America’s Future

George Mitchell / Blog February 3, 2014

Our country is in the midst of a rental affordability crisis that is having a devastating impact on our nation’s most vulnerable families. Many of these families are forced to make the difficult choice of spending less on health care, food,…

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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Housing

Henry Cisneros / Blog January 10, 2014

It may be hard to believe, but the greenhouse gas emissions of a typical home are double that of the average vehicle. In fact, the energy use associated with our homes accounts for some 21 percent of our nation’s overall…

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Connecting Housing and Health Care

Henry Cisneros / Blog October 28, 2013

With our nation’s health care system entering a period of substantial change as the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, understanding the deep connection between housing and health care has never been more important.

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Shut Out of the Mortgage Market Despite Favorable Home Prices

Mel Martinez / Blog August 5, 2013

If homeownership is more affordable than ever, why is it so tough to get a mortgage? That’s a big question confronting many families who find themselves shut out of the mortgage market and unable to take advantage of today’s record…

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