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Preserving the Children's Health Insurance Program

Health / Research March 2, 2017

Funding for programs designed to improve coverage and access to care for vulnerable populations are set to expire in 2017. This report recommends extending these programs and stresses the need for action early in the 115th Congress.

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Improving Care for Individuals Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid

Health / Research September 20, 2016

Public health researchers have joined with health plans and provider organizations to better understand and document treatment of patients with complex needs.

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U.S. Deficit Projections Increase, Washington Must Stop Ignoring

Economy / Press Release January 19, 2016

Fiscal Year 2016 will see a deficit of $544 billion, which is $139 billion higher than the FY16 projection by CBO just last August.

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Improving and Expanding Health Insurance Coverage through State Flexibility

Health / Research December 10, 2015

There remain important opportunities to influence policymaking at the agencies and to focus on the states as a frontier for innovation and reforms in health care.

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New Medicare Proposals Could Save $166 Billion in Next Decade

Health / Press Release July 30, 2015

As Medicare and Medicaid mark their 50th anniversary, BPC released a report which proposes changes to the Medicare payment policy that hold promise in building a stronger program for generations to come.

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BPC Recommends America’s Health Care Delivery System Adopt Standard Evidence-Based Quality Measures

Health / Press Release April 27, 2015

BPC released a white paper that recommends creating standardized quality performance measures that are user-friendly, meaningful, and outcome-oriented.

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Transitioning from Volume to Value: Consolidation and Alignment of Quality Measures

Health / Research April 27, 2015

The use of meaningful quality measures is critical to assuring patients have receive appropriate services and that incentives drive improved health outcomes.

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Glimmers of Hope on the Hill

Governance / News April 20, 2015

It is now possible to say that we are seeing signs that the institution of Congress may be becoming a bit less dysfunctional than it has been in recent years.

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Medicare Benefit Modernization

Health / Research April 10, 2015

Medicare’s benefit package is outdated and fails to provide adequate protections for enrolled seniors and people with disabilities.

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BPC Urges Congress to Pass Legislation to Reform Medicare and Extend Children’s Health Insurance

Health / Press Release March 25, 2015

The legislation would permanently replace Medicare’s SGR payment system, extend funding for CHIP, and implement structural reforms in Medicare.

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