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Containing the Growth of Health Care Costs

Ben Ritz / Blog October 3, 2016

While the recession slowed the growth in federal health spending, it is beginning to increase once again—this time as a result of the aging population.

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Ensuring a Strong National Defense

Ben Ritz / Blog August 22, 2016

Ballooning compensation and health care costs are consuming an increasing portion of the Pentagon’s budget, crowding out other important priorities.

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Managing the Costs of Higher Education

Kenneth Megan, Ben Ritz / Blog August 2, 2016

A toxic combination of low repayment rates and high loan volumes could soon place a significant strain on the federal budget resulting in increasing public debt.

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Next President Should Heed Social Security Trustees’ Warning

Ben Ritz / Blog June 23, 2016

If the next president serves two terms without addressing Social Security, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund would be exhausted by the time he or she leaves office.

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Rebuilding the Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure

Ben Ritz / Blog June 7, 2016

A recent study projects losses of up to $3.9 trillion in gross domestic product and 2.5 million jobs by 2025 if our infrastructure deficiencies are not addressed.

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Renewing Federal Investments in Research and Development

Ben Ritz / Blog May 25, 2016

At its all-time high in 1964, federal R&D spending amounted to almost 2 percent of GDP. Today, it’s just 0.7 percent—the lowest level in over 50 years.

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7 Budget Challenges Facing the Next President

Ben Ritz / Blog May 9, 2016

The national debt, which is the total amount of money borrowed by the government to finance deficits, is already at its highest level since World War II.

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