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Bill Frist: The five things we must to do together to end the opioids epidemic

Health / News May 31, 2018

We must unite again now to overcome the opioids crisis.

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What Trump's Infrastructure Plan Gets Right

Infrastructure / News January 26, 2017

Governments are faced with fierce competition for limited resources and simply won’t be able to meet their infrastructure needs on their own.

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Invest early in America's children

Education / News January 16, 2017

Research has shown that investments in early childhood development produce a higher return on the dollar than later investments.

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Is there hope for the House?

Governance / News January 12, 2017

Party leaders are not above acknowledging the obvious: the House in recent years has been too leadership-driven, at the expense of member and committees prerogatives.

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4 steps Ben Carson should take as HUD secretary

Housing / News January 10, 2017

Dr. Ben Carson, President-elect Trump’s choice to serve as HUD secretary, is uniquely positioned to spearhead a national effort to better integrate health care and supportive services with housing.

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Istanbul’s biggest threat doesn’t come from terrorists

National Security / News January 9, 2017

It’s become a cliche that high-profile terrorism distracts us from more statistically significant threats, the disparity in Istanbul’s case is striking.

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Syria's Civil War Is Spilling Into Turkey's Streets

National Security / News December 20, 2016

The assassination of a Russian ambassador at an art gallery in Ankara on Monday revealed the extent to which Syria’s civil war has spilled over into Turkey.

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Affordable Housing Policy - A Bipartisan Path Forward

Housing / News December 15, 2016

Some affordable housing advocates fear a future in which federal rental assistance programs will be starved for resources, but that does not have to be the case.

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Future of Wall Street regulation tied to Trump's choices

Finance / News December 14, 2016

Given the importance of financial regulation in the post-crisis world, keeping these seats filled with highly qualified individuals should be a priority.

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Reviving America's infrastructure is a job our nation can accomplish

Infrastructure / News December 14, 2016

Modernizing infrastructure will have clear economic benefits, both to individuals in terms of jobs created and to businesses in terms of improving the flow of commerce.

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