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Congress Takes Action to Modernize Military

National Security / Press Release August 1, 2018

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will have a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of the men and women in uniform and their families.

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Countering Iranian Influence in Syria and Iraq: Three Possible Paths

National Security / Press Release May 14, 2018

The U.S. must remain engaged in Syria and Iraq to counter Iran’s efforts to increase its influence in the region, according to BPC’s Task Force on Managing Disorder in the Middle East.

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What Trump Did Not Say on Iran

National Security / Press Release May 8, 2018

It remains unclear whether the administration wants to develop a comprehensive strategy on Iran or is not interested in pushing back on Iran beyond the nuclear deal.

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Blaise Misztal: On Iran, It’s Not About the Art of the Deal

National Security / News May 7, 2018

Trump has plenty of room to address issues with Iran without altering nuclear accord.

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How will Middle East elections impact US diplomacy?: An Interview with Blaise Misztal

National Security / News May 6, 2018

Blaise Misztal shares insight on Lebanon’s first national election in nearly a decade.

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Early Turkey Elections Bid by Erdogan for Greater Control

National Security / Press Release April 18, 2018

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s surprise announcement today of elections to be held 16 months earlier than scheduled is his attempt to cement his current domination of Turkish politics and society, fearing that a weakening economy might spur opposition to him, Bipartisan Policy Center national security experts said.

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Misztal Joins 60 Experts on Alarm at Deteriorating Democracy in Europe

National Security / Press Release April 4, 2018

BPC stands with more than 60 foreign policy experts and former officials in calling attention to the deterioration of democratic principles in some of our NATO and European allies.

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New BPC Paper on Digital Counterterrorism

National Security / Press Release March 9, 2018

New technologies have dramatically expanded the global reach of terrorist groups, and a new BPC staff paper explores the digital world’s ungoverned territory.

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Misztal on Arrest of Syrian Kurdish Leader in Prague

National Security / Press Release February 26, 2018

Statement from Blaise Misztal, director of national security at the Bipartisan Policy Center, on the arrest of a Syrian Kurdish leader in the Czech Republic.

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