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Ted McCann Joins the Bipartisan Policy Center as a Fellow

Evidence / Press Release August 20, 2018

The Bipartisan Policy Center today announced that Ted McCann, former senior policy advisor to House Speaker Paul Ryan, is joining the organization as a fellow.

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Outrageous Or Overblown? HHS Announces Another Round Of ACA Navigator Funding Cuts

Health / News July 12, 2018

As the ACA’s sixth open-enrollment period under the health law approaches in November, the lack of in-person assistance is unlikely to be a disaster for people seeking coverage.

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Hannah Martin & G. William Hoagland: Putting the ‘N’ in SNAP Should Be a Farm Bill Priority

Health / News March 19, 2018

Program should be strengthened to promote nutrition among SNAP recipients.

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Bill Hoagland: Pick Up Your Forks. It’s Time for Another Dinner Table Bargain

Economy / News March 5, 2018

Members of the Budget and Appropriations Process Reform Committee should follow the examples of Jefferson, Madison

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Bill Hoagland: Budget Deal Gives New Meaning to ‘March Madness’

Economy / News February 12, 2018

Green shoots of bipartisanship are sprouting on Capitol Hill. A lengthy government shutdown or worse has been avoided with the two-year budget agreement.

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Video: Discussing the Recent Budget Agreement

Economy / Blog February 8, 2018

BPC experts discuss the recent budget agreement and what it means for defense, deficits, and the debt limit. 

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Budget Agreement Significant Step Forward

Economy / Press Release February 7, 2018

The just-announced bipartisan budget agreement for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 spending levels is a significant step forward.

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Bill Hoagland: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, or Are We?

Economy / News January 8, 2018

State’s experiment with tax cuts offers a cautionary tale for Washington.

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Collision of Budget Deadlines and Tax Bill Could Have Grave Consequences

Economy / Press Release December 8, 2017

The next few weeks could have a major impact on America’s fiscal future, with a vote on tax reform coming soon.

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