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Testimony by G. William Hoagland: Biennial Budgeting

G. William Hoagland / Research May 9, 2018

BPC Senior Vice President G. William Hoagland testified before the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriation Process Reform regarding the long-debated, but never agreed to, biennial budget and appropriation reform proposal.

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Biennial Budgeting: Bipartisan Idea Whose Time is Now

Economy / Press Release May 9, 2018

Implementing biennial budgeting would help smooth an increasingly turbulent budget process said G. William Hoagland in testimony to the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform.

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Biennial Budgeting Could Help Ease Logjam

Ben Ritz / Blog August 11, 2015

When Congress fails in performing its most basic function of adopting a budget, reform is necessary.

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Rivlin and Domenici Release Recommendations to Overhaul Congressional Budget Process

Economy / Press Release July 17, 2015

The report recommends tough reforms to ensure congressional and White House agreement on all federal spending and revenues, including entitlements.

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Proposal for Improving the Congressional Budget Process

Pete V. Domenici, Alice M. Rivlin / Research July 17, 2015

Washington has lurched from one crisis to another and kept the government running by means of continuing resolutions and massive appropriations bills.

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Why We Need a Two-Year Budget Process

Jordan LaPier / Blog February 19, 2015

Moving to a two-year budgeting process would grant Congress more time to adequately debate complex and polarizing issues that go into creating a federal budget.

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Letter and Statement to the House Rules Subcommittee on Legislative & Budget Process on Biennial Budgeting

Governance / Research June 25, 2014

Biennial budgeting would allow the necessary time and space to carry out policymaking and oversight functions through the authorizing committees.

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