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Gardner, King, Brooks, Ruiz to Receive BPC’s Legislative Action Awards

Press Release / Press Release March 6, 2018

The Bipartisan Policy Center announces the four recipients of its 2018 Legislative Action Awards.

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Aging in Maine: A Pig-in-the-Python Problem

Jake Varn / Blog September 28, 2016

The abrupt swell of older adults threatens to overwhelm America’s health care delivery systems and housing support networks.

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New Bill Echoes BPC Recommendations on Home Modifications

Health / Press Release July 14, 2016

The bill creates a cross-cutting initiative to coordinate, review, and promote the numerous federal home modification programs and resources.

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Obama’s last hope for GOP support on Iran: Susan Collins

National Security / News August 26, 2015

Senate Republicans are united in their opposition to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran — with one exception.

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Senator Bernie Sanders set for key role on budget committee

News / News January 2, 2015

Hoagland said he believes moderate Democrats on the committee — including Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia and Angus King, a Maine independent who caucuses with Democrats — will prevent Sanders from taking too hard a line.

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Former Governors Caucus Looks to Change Tone in Senate

Linda Lingle, Jim Douglas / Blog January 3, 2014

Earlier this year something unprecedented and potentially revolutionary happened in the Senate even though (and yet) few people took notice—eleven senators who previously had been governors officially launched the Former Governors Caucus and with its creation, the governors provided a new…

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Takeaways from the Senate Budget Committee’s Sequester Hearing

Steve Bell / Blog July 24, 2013

The Senate Budget Committee hearing Tuesday on the impact of the FY13 sequester on national defense was summed up by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who noted: “For those who say that Congress can’t get anything right, the sequester certainly disproves…

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